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What is Ecstasy Drug? General Information

MDMA, aka Ecstasy or Molly, is a drug first synthesized as far back as in 1912. Chemically, it is similar to both hallucinogens and stimulants. Ecstasy can produce feelings of pleasure, increased energy, emotional comfort as well as distorted time and sensory perception.

Ecstasy became popular as a ‘nightclub drug’ and was used by young people at raves (dance parties). However, a wider audience looks to buy ecstasy now. There are some more street names of the drug including Adam, love drug, X, XE, hug drug, beans etc.

Use Ecstasy (MDMA)

People who buy ecstasy usually take it in the form of a tablet or capsule. Along with that, a liquid form is available for ingesting, while the powder (crystalline) form can be snorted or smoked. Notice that people sometimes buy ecstasy online believing they order a pure substance, but in fact they get other synthetic cathinones instead ("bath salts").

Some people prefer taking MDMA together with marijuana or alcohol asserting this prolongs the effect they look for.

How Ecstasy Affects the Brain

Basically, ecstasy affects three chemicals the human brain produces: Dopamine. It evokes a feeling of euphoria and boosts energy (activity).
Norepinephrine. This compound increases the blood pressure and heart rate, so people with heart or vascular conditions belong to a risk group.
Serotonin. This stuff influences the appetite, mood, sleep and some other body functions. Additionally, it boosts production of hormones responsible for sexual arousal and the sense of trust. So the release of additional serotonin amounts makes ecstasy users feel emotional closeness, better mood and empathy.

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Adverse Effects of Ecstasy

Ecstasy, like any other drug, tends to produce dangerous side effects. Most importantly, the body reactions to ecstasy intake are often unpredictable. People browsing ‘how to buy ecstasy’ and ‘where to buy ecstasy’ should be aware of the following side effects: nausea, fever, muscle cramping, sweating and chills, hallucinations, shaking and tremors, blurred vision, increased blood pressure, fast heart rate, feeling faint, tension in mouth, face and jaw.

You see the adverse body reactions are numerous, and they can remain up to 3-6 hours. Also, people who regularly buy ecstasy online to take it for a prolonged period of time can expect further, more long-term effects: irritability, depression, impulsiveness, aggression, sleep disorders, anxiety, decreased appetite, memory and attention problems, decreased interest in sex and lower pleasure from sex. Taking the drug in parallel with marijuana is a factor that makes those effects last longer.

Influence on General Health

If taken on a regular basis, ecstasy affects some general functions of the human body. For example, the temperature regulation ability is deteriorated, which can lead to body temperature spikes and cause failure of some vital functions or even death.

Being a love drug, ecstasy encourages people to unsafe random sexual contacts, thus bringing risks of AIDS, hepatitis C and other infections.

People who want to order ecstasy should know it may cause addiction. Research results on this subject vary. Nonetheless, the possibility exists, and it is very high. Unfortunately, as for now, there is no special medical treatment for ecstasy addiction. Some experts advise behavioral therapy as a remedy. More extensive and focused research is needed to find out if people can effectively fight against MDMA addiction. The good news is that lately some medical institutions intensify their scientific efforts to better understand the mechanism of psychoactive drugs including MDMA.